Friday, September 29, 2017

TWO Months Home

Summer Big Wave 

Half way through the day, I looked at my watch, checking the time and I saw the date.
 TWO MONTHS TODAY that Judah is home with us💙

This month as been filled with getting in our new grove.  All the big kids are successfully on track with school and their activities. September always bring Marching Band season for the high schoolers with consumes our time in the best way.  Judah got to experience his first and then consecutive Marching Band Competitions.   Grandma Sugar got Judah set up with a Silver Creek High School Blinged out Shirt for Marching Band season!  Now, he matches the rest of us:)

He was very interested in the bands, the activity and the music.  As you can imagine it was hard to keep him still and confined during the several hour events, but overall he did really well. He was completely excited about a drone that was flying over head at one point... of course he thought it was a balloon up there in the sky!  So he was screaming for it well after it flew away 😓

After we had our family pictures taken, I was brave enough to try his first haircut. And one day though we'd style it up with a spiked updo... he seemed to enjoy it and I thought it fir him well:)

Apparently he is as sweet as we think he is as the mosquito bites leave large marks on him.  Poor guy, big ole swollen cheek.  
He tried out a hat...SO cute!!!!!!

Judah is just now starting to sit long enough to look through books. Levi is practicing reading in kindergarten and has enjoyed a few "reading times" for Judah.
Wants to be a BIG kid like the others and have a riding toy.  Can't quite keep his feet on the pedals... but on his tip toes, he can make it go :)  It won't be long though, he's motivated!

I LOVE this one from our photo session!

I can't get the bath ready and him naked fast enough!  He runs to beat me to the tub and tries to climb in.

This month Judah says: Mama, bye-bye, ball, Balloo (for balloon) and just started to say "No" ( he may hear that one A LOT!  He sleeps through the night well and takes 1-2 naps a day.  He eats a large variety of food but his favorite are still fruits. He enjoys the playground and anything active, he's all boy!  He may be a bit of an adrenaline junky... takes the biggest slides at the park with out hesitation. I still use the carrier a lot to keep him with me as he gets heavy to hold after long and it's the best way to keep him safe when I'm trying to get things done.  He climbs on everything and stands on anything he can find to stand on or stack and then stand on. He weighs around 29 pounds, so I think he's gained about 3 pounds since being home.  He doesn't like to drink much from sippy cups.  He does ok with a straw, but still throws everything he is done with: toys, food or drink.  He loves for me to catch a glimpse of him in the rear view mirror--- he laughs so hard and then anticipates it again.  He rides in the car fine now.  He enjoys music and singing.  And I have started to catch him "singing" making his noises in a lyrical and musical way that I know he's singing.  One day he was clearly singing "Hallelujah" , which sounded something more like (Alll-la-luuuuuuuuu)❤  He started getting caught up on immunizations and failed a hearing test due to fluid in his ears.  So we will repeat that and are waiting to also start speech therapy.  We have started allergy medicine but he continues to be chronically congested/runny nose.  Southern Indiana= Allergy Alley.

All in all, it's both crazy that it's been 2 months already since he came home and yet it also feels like he's been with us a very long time.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Family Pictures

We were blessed with the gift of capturing our family, in this moment, with family photos.
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Judah has been home for one month.  It honestly has been a blur.  He has found his spot in the family fairly easily.  I forgot how busy toddlers can be😊  He is on the go all the time.  He is curious and investigative. He loves to be held and cuddled. It took a couple weeks to get him sleeping through the night and adjust to a 12 hour time change.  He is flexible and naps during the day but takes it when he needs it.  He hated the car seat initially.  But after about a week and a half, he stopped complaining about it.  He still LOVES balloons 🎈  He was nervous about the dogs at first, but it really didn't take too long for him to tolerate them as well.  He points to everything he wants of sounds like a little monkey saying "Oooo Oooooo".  He is very good about eating a lot of variety in foods.  He loves fruits and vegetables and hasn't yet eaten much meats.  He is still a thumb sucker and when he is tired, that's how we'll find him. He has learned a few words: He says Ma or Ma ma for everything he wants, bye-bye was his first real word.  Then he learned "uh-oh" and "ball".  He doesn't say anyone's names yet. He seems to understand  a lot more than he can express, but we usually know exactly what he wants when he wants something.

First Night home.

First Bath with all the lIttles

Levi "My baby, I'll get him"

Taking the balloon for a walk, because it's hard to put them down :)

Wanting to be held a lot, and I'm glad to accommodate!

Willing to try lots of new foods.

First week in the car looked like this :(

Until he looked like this. 

Warming up to the dogs. 

Out smarting mommy and her attempts to confine me

Siblings make a car ride MUCH better!

Loves to climb and slide


Family Hike

Our first thumb sucker

He loves tomoatoes
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Always on to the next adventure ❤