Sunday, April 29, 2018

Home 9 Months

This boy💙
He is so sweet.  He's funny and laughs easily.  He's inquisitive and smart.  He's active and busy.  He likes to figure things out and won't stop until he gets it. He loves to play outside.  He enjoys making us laugh.  He's proud of his accomplishments.  He's quick to show us what he can do.  He's a problem solver. He enjoys helping with just about anything.  He's brave and confident.  He is talking more and expressing himself better.  He is a joy! A very, very busy joy  💙

A playdate outside with some good friends and a FUN experience down the hill in the car- he loved it!

I missed the picture on his first ride down where he turned and his face was a HUGE smile before he jumped out to push it back up the hill to do it again.

It didn't take much practice for him to grab the bat and start swinging.  He made contact and kept hitting it again and again.   I think we have some sports in his future.


A little bit of daddy love.  He laughs and laughs.


He loves the bubble machine.  We learned the hard way it is for outside.... all the bubbles land on the hardwood floor and everyone starts slipping and falling; it was not good.  Funny, but not good!

He doesn't miss a beat.  I was helping Elizabeth make birthday cookies to take into school.  We dropped some frosting on the floor- he was sure to help. I didn't realize what was happening ar first.  But I had to grab my camera before I stopped him. 

The evidence was CLEAR!

And just like that, another month has passed. And in the middle of him getting bigger and talking more and doing more things; time stops.  Give him a blanket and his thumb and he's back to an infant in my arms.  I treasure these moments.  I soak them up and think of all the ones I've missed.  And so, so glad of all the ones I have to look forward to.

And finally, he got to get in some shots of Evan and Anna's prom pictures.  True to his style, he didn't stay long before he was on the go again......

Monday, April 9, 2018

8 Months Home

This boy!  He continues to grow and show us his personality.  He currently weighs about 32 pounds and 36 inches tall.  His favorite thing is still a balloon.  He enjoys attempting puzzles and looking through books now.  He likes to name colors of things he walks by, things that go by him or most things that catch his attention.  He has a name for everyone now :)  Evan "Ehhh", Anna "Anna", Rebecca "BehBeh"  (short for Becca, she encouraged him to call her that since it was easier), Elizabeth "Li"  for Liz and Levi "I".   He points to himself and says "you" and sometimes "do-ah" for Judah.  SO cute.   He likes dogs- ours and any we meet.  He wants to pet them and let them kiss him.  He is still very active and laughs from his toes. He has a good sense of rhythm and loves to sing and keep beats by tapping anything with a stick or tapping his foot.

He started a 2 year old preschool class in January.  Here are some pictures from his first day:

Ready for his first day
Singing as if he's on stage. Starts our morning off right!

He LOVES when he sees himself in the camera
Daddy is going to take him, ready for the weather

Fun things to experience at school
He loves the steps.
We wash our hands before we start the day.

He has enjoyed getting to know new friends and has the sweetest teacher!  She is amazing with the kids and has really kept an eye out for Judah.  He is part mountain goat and has continued to try to climb and stand on everything.  This has led to a few accidents.  One ended up with some stitches on his face...

He was very brave and VERY hilarious with the "relaxing medication".   It wasn't really a terrible cut, but was a deep gash they felt would heal more nicely with stitches.  He had the bandaid pulled off by the time we were in the car about 5 minutes.  Because it was numb... I just knew he was going to scratch and pull the stitches out while I was driving and couldn't reach him.  BUT, he did not- very thankfully.  It has healed nicely.  He has had a few other incidents... but none others that have led to stitches...  "yet"

He also got to experience his first real snow with us.  The look on his face as I was bundling him up was priceless....


He had a ball and didn't want to come in... we had to drag him.  But it was cold!  It was fun watching him walk in snow gear and boots.  He'd fall over and need help getting up, we tried not to laugh... but failed:)

He has started using the spoon easily and attempting the fork more and more.  But often he just tosses it to the side and grabs with his hands to eat because it's easier and faster😋

He gets tickled by Levi frequently when he's strapped into his seat and can't escape.  I tell Levi that he's screaming and Levi assures me "he likes it".

He's a cool dude, that's for sure.  We've experimented with hair styles and product...  He thinks the addition of the sunglasses finishes the style.   I think he's right.

Any chance he gets to be outside, he takes it.  He loves to attempt anything at the playground.  

Valentine cards from "Great Pat" were a huge success. He doesn't yet understand the "dollars" he finds in there like the other two do... but it won't be long, he'll catch on.

Working on potty training.  He is able to go when we are consistently catching him.  On to some great progress.

These two are pretty inseparable


He likes to imitate how your body is positioned. 
It's blurry because he was running to her.

Anna gets lots of hugs!


Rebecca likes to work with Judah to say words... he does like to repeat after her.

These guys are going to be tight!!!

Easter 2018
The pictures tell the story  

Didn't let go of his balloon!

Have to stop to eat some candy along the way!


 Great Pat sent fun Easter Cards....  The Littles LOVE mail, and he's catching on quickly to how fun it is.